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Free Bungalow in Venice, CA

Craftsman Homes For Sale

a roundup of selected Craftsman properties around the country currently on the market:

  • Chris Golde is selling her 2000+ square foot 1923 Prairie / Craftsman home in Madison, replete with lots of interesting and well-maintained woodwork and hardware, for $319,700.
  • Here's a bright and attractive Rockridge bungalow for sale in Oakland California for $689,000 - a lot but not out of the ordinary for that eternally bubble-icious market. Barbara Hendrickson at Red Oak Realty is the seller's agent; unlike a lot of the real estate agencies I rant about here, Red Oak does most of their work in a market full of older homes, and their agents are quite savvy to Craftsman style and the histories of the homes they sell.
  • A spectacular new / custom wood-shingle uber-bungalow on the north shore of Washington's Orcas Island for $739,000.
  • A recently-restored Atlanta bungalow in the Kirkwood neighborhood for $260,000.
  • A well-kept bungalow in Brookhaven, Mississippi will run you only a bit under $88,000 - even this pretty little house with a new kitchen and a big wrap-around deck. If I could telecommute - and if all the Thai, sushi and pho restaurants I frequent would deliver that far - I'd consider moving to the midwest just to save a few hundred thousand dollars.