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Time For a New Kitchen II

I got a bunch of emails after last Friday's post on kitchen remodels asking for other resources. Well, as always, the local library remains your best bet; my own community (McKinley Park area, midtown Sacramento) has a historic library at the park with a huge section on American Arts & Crafts architecture, including lots of do-it-yourself books and various coffeetable hardbound books on Craftsman design in general. If you live in an older community, you should be able to find something like this at one of your local branch libraries.

I found a huge number of photos of kitchen remodel projects on Flickr; many people enjoy photographing the entire process, from design through the demo and the eventual hanging of pictures on (new) walls, and I'm sure such complete documentation will help other remodelers. Learn from other folks' successes and big mistakes (well, in my opinion, at least!), and get ideas for countertop material, tile, flooring, hoods, sinks, appliances, storage, cabinetry, windows, lighting and more: