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Arts & Crafts Homes magazine

Logo Just got the premiere issue of Arts & Crafts Homes, a new magazine from the same folks who make Old House Interiors. Several things recommend it over American Bungalow, which I do also enjoy - better quality printing and sharper photographs; far better typography and better laid-out pages (in fact, generally better art direction than most home magazines, and more sensitivity to the subtleties of type); a wider range of subject material - they are not quite as orthodox as Style 1900 and American Bungalow; and a better article-to-ad ratio. Of course, that last one could simply be a symptom of this being the firsts issue, so I'll have to keep reading to find out if it stays true.

It's definitely worth picking up a copy; the current issue has extensive articles on Chicago bungalows, new work from a California artisans guild (including Debey Zito) and lots (really!) more.