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Freudenheim Lectures at Maybeck's Masterpiece

BuildingwithnaturesmallIn light of Paul's recent review of Building With Nature: Inspiration for the Arts & Crafts Home, a reader let us know that Leslie Freudenheim will be speaking in Berkeley in just a few days. If you are interested in the evolution of the Bay Area's unique Arts & Crafts style, you will no doubt find this lecture particularly interesting. The lecture is being held in Bernard Maybeck's masterpiece First Church of Christ, Scientist on Dwight at Bowditch; whether you've read the book or not, and whether you agree with Freudenheim or not, it's worth going just for the venue (although I think it will be worth attending for the content, as well). From the BAHA notice:

In her lecture, Leslie Freudenheim will talk about her discoveries and examine how Joseph Worcester and his circle encouraged less materialism through architecture that complemented a simpler life in tune with nature, inspired by vernacular architecture in Yosemite and worldwide. Freudenheim will quote letters from Joseph Worcester, Daniel H. Burnham, Bernard Maybeck, William Morris, Frederick Law Olmsted, and John Muir, and illustrate her lecture with rare historic images.

lecture by and book signing with Leslie Freudenheim ($15 admission)
Friday, 10 February 2006 at 7.30 pm
First Church of Christ, Scientist
2619 Dwight at Bowditch, Berkeley