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If Walls Could Talk looks to Alabama, Connecticut

Each episode of HGTV's If Walls Could Talk profiles a particular family and the stories that their historic home has been witness to over the years. The motto of the half-hour program - "every home has a history" - is taken to heart in the 'house ethnographies' of properties ranging from turn-of-the-century Hollywood bungalows to a 1600s log home in Massachussetts.

HGTV is based in Tennessee, but has investigated houses in all corners of the country pretty even-handedly - in more than 150 episodes since 1998. Right now, however, they are looking for stories in Alabama and Connecticut. If you have a home with an interesting history, or one that's been witness to any particularly interesting events or host to any especially interesting characters, do get in touch with the research coordinators as soon as possible.

Alabama: Jaime Levi (303.712.3106 or email); Connecticut: Keri Grogan (303.712.3110 or email).