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Non-Toxic Wood Stains

Fire Destroys Frank Lloyd Wright Prefab

Flw_prefabfrom Archinect, via the always interesting Treehugger:

In 1911 Frank Lloyd Wright worked with the Richards Company to develop the American System of Housing, based on ideas he learned in Japan. "Wright further innovated the A.S.B. line through the use of pre-milled, machine made materials. The pre-cut materials, such as framing, joists, millwork, cabinets, and doors, were of a "standardized" character which literally permitted the use of these items throughout the A.S.B. line. In addition, as being made by machine, the pre-milled materials were insured to possess an overall consistency, quality, and longevity that on-site carpentry could not achieve." Not many were built; World War One interfered. Today one of the very few remaining, the Wynant house, burned down.