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Grandview Bungalow at Colorado's Chautauqua

Sun House

Ukiah, California's Sun House is a 1911 redwood Craftsman bungalow, open to tours Wednesday through Sunday, and managed by the same folks who caretake the nearby Grace Hudson Museum. The house has been maintained quite well, and is full of items from the very eclectic Hudson family collection, including many reminders of their very "bohemian" lifestyle. The bungalow, California Historical Landmark #296, is most certainly worth a visit if you are driving through Ukiah. Hudson's western art may seem just slightly treacly and dated now, with super-romanticized views of Native American life, but her collection of Pomo (and other) artifacts is right at home in this rough-hewn Craftsman masterpiece. Of course, it is ironic that her work is now seen by some folks as overly sentimental, when at the time she was criticized by much of the fine art establishment for spending so much time with and befriending many local Pomo tribespeople and painting a subject that her contemporary critics thought to be somehow "unworthy."