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Grandview Bungalow at Colorado's Chautauqua

Grandviewfrontporch036Niki Hayden has a short article in Front Range Living on Bungalow 811, which was relocated from the University of Colorado campus to the Chautauqua community in Boulder recently and fits in perfectly with the other brown & white homes there. The structure itself held up remarkably well from the quick move, which took place from 1 to 3 am not log ago, but has seen a serious internal (and external) overhaul since then. Local designer Dorothy Tucker got the job of designing a period-perfect interior to match the others in the community, a task which she discharged quite well. The total cost of moving and renovating the bungalow came to $200,000 - a number impressively low when you see the amount of work put into the almost all-new interior. Boulder-based ceramicist Sue Walsh produced the original tiles - loosely based on Batchelder designs - which are a perfect fit for the rest of the inside.

The bungalow itself is available for rent to Boulder visitors, and opens to a wonderful view and a number of nearby hiking trails.