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book review: Bungalow Plans

Bookicon_1Christian and Christen Gladu, Bungalow Plans, Gibbs Smith, Salt Lake City, 2002.

The second coming of the arts and crafts movement brings with it a revival of many of the aspects of original era. In Bungalow Plans, Gladu and Gladu continue the tradition of disseminating house plans originally promoted by pioneers like  Gustav Stickley who, through magazines and catalogs, offered the broad middle class architectural drawings - plans of simple, affordable, well designed homes - that incorporated the Arts and Crafts ideals of John Ruskin and William Morris.

The Gladus offer 25 bungalow plans in their book, each accompanied by photographs, text, and information on designers and builders. Their aim is not only to show different kinds of  homes - everything from 600 square foot garlows (not yet in my on-line dictionary, but apparently garage and other "accessory" units) to 4000 square foot "ultimate" bungalows - but to provide practical advice on adapting stock  plans to modern, especially environmental, concerns. Introductory chapters put the plan book approach in historical perspective and offer useful context on "bungalow anatomy" and building costs. A section on resources concludes the volume.