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Craftsman Kitchen Remodels IV


pictured: a remodeled kitchen by Small Carpenters at Large in Atlanta.

While this is not strictly a "house blog," and more a "houses blog" - I'm not so interested in detailing my own endless attempts to both restore and update my 1920s Mission Revival bungalow here in Sacramento - I am going to bring it a little closer to my own experiences with this post and a number of related articles to follow over the next several months.

We have finally decided to remodel & restore our kitchen. The hardwood breakfast nook, relocated in the 1980s, will return; roof beams and oak cabinets will reappear; butcher block and stone countertops will be reinstalled, and period lighting - from our good friends at Rejuvenation Hardware - will illuminate the room. During the seemingly endless planning process, I've looked at other remodels in historic (and some new) homes, mostly in the Craftsman and Mission styles. Here, for your perusal, are some of my favorites - the best I've seen on the Internet - which I hope you will find interesting and possibly useful in your own projects.