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Janice Calpo, who lives not far from me in the great old Curtis Park neighborhood here in Sacramento, is the subject of an article in last weekend's Sacramento Bee - "Seeing the Light: When it comes to windows, Janice Calpo praises restoration over replacement."

SMUD, the community-owned utility here in Sacramento, has a long history of offering incentives for the installation of poorly made vinyl replacement windows, even when restored wooden windows would be longer-lasting and just as energy efficient. Unfortunately, many homeowners can't take a longer view of the life of their home and opt for vinyl - hurting the value of their historic home in a market where authentically period means $$.

Janice Calpo, who is otherwise polite, radiant and sweet-tempered, is the self-appointed "window czarina" of Curtis Park. No shard escapes her scrutiny.

She is a champion of rippled glass, regards complex mullions as though they were the Elgin marbles, is a patient advocate for those sometimes-geriatric double-hung windows that open (if they open) and close (begrudgingly so) with a wheeze, or a rattle, or a sudden thump.

In a world increasingly devoted to energy efficiency, reduced utility bills, whispering appliances, snug windows that speak Tuscan and obey with fingertip ease, hers is a one-woman crusade to keep the window faith, to let the true-divided light shine in.