Craftsman Auction Weekend
Dana Robes Craftsman Rocker

J. D. Lohr

Love_seat_72_dpi_copyJeffry Lohr is a woodworker and educator living and working near Valley Forge, PA. His large studio houses a regular workshop series priced at various levels for both the serious student as well as the hobbyist;  J. D. offers a solid machine-based 48-hour (week long) course for beginners through much more advanced students. Other educational opportunities include two-year apprenticeships.

His own work is very strongly influenced both by Prairie and Craftsman traditions, and many of his original designs merge elements of Asian and traditional American Craftsman styles and such Prairie elements as fine spindlework and the more cubic, grid-based geometry of Frank Lloyd Wright and other furnituremakers of the Prairie style. His casework is particularly interesting, showing an interesting mix of Mackintosh's Glasgow style and the Japanese-influenced cloud lifts and soft edges popularized by Greene and Greene.

If you are near Valley Forge and are a woodworker youself, you will also find his wood gallery - and his recommendations of various area woodsellers - particularly useful.