Melba Levick, photographer
Wayne Cain Architectural Art Glass

Arts & Crafts Interior Paint

Covertheearth_1The relentless style specialization continues: Sherwin-Williams, whose "cover the earth" logo I have always loved (although my familiarity with their product[s] ends there) is now selling a special line of paint marketed toward owners of Arts & Crafts homes. With names like "Hubbard Squash" and "Roycroft Adobe," they are obviously leaning a bit more toward Aurora than Usonia, but the palettes featured on the site are certainly authentically conservative. "Dard Hunter Green," "Ruskin Room Green," and "Bunglehouse Blue" are a few of the other colors available. A PDF brochure shows them all. Oh, overblown marketingspeech ...

You yearn for a pure aesthetic. Straight, uncomplicated lines. Hand craftsmanship. The color and texture of natural materials.

The Arts & Crafts Preservation Palette® offers all the simple style of the Arts and Crafts movement, re-created in exacting detail. So whether you're a stickler for authenticity or just appreciate the beauty of this unfettered décor, you can achieve true craftsman style.