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Frank Lloyd Wright newsbites


Bits and pieces of Frank Lloyd Wright ephemera, some new and some only newly brought to my attention:

pictured: Google's special Frank Lloyd Wright logo, made for his birthday (June 8).

Delta 98, Den Haag

Books028bgJaap Eerland and Marx Warmerdam's Delta 98 buys and sells items of decorative art - "art and applied art" - located in Den Haag, Netherlands. Their large stock of (mostly) small items includes objects from the Nouveau, Deco, Arts & Crafts, Jugenstil, De Stijl, Bauhaus and Modernisme movements, and their stock ranges from glass, ceramics and metalware to books, furniture, posters and plenty more. Their current stock of books - including a number of volumes of especially rare or otherwise notable Arts & Crafts-related volumes - is especially impressive. They will be exhibiting at the 2006 Art Deco Fair in The Hague, and are also standholders at the regular summartime Den Haag Antique Market, May 12 - September 25, at the Lange Voorhout.

+ Delta 98 Den Haag: van Leeuwenhoekstraat 65, 2516 GH Den Haag, The Netherlands
+ t 0031.70.388.79.18 (from abroad)

Wellspring Textiles

Hydrangea_lgwebGreenwich CT-based Wellspring Textiles produces and sells a whole bunch of great Arts & Crafts textiles - from cool and calming geometric Voysey-influenced patterns to rare organic forms after Howard van Doren Shaw. Their three collections - garden, nautical and woodland - comprise over a dozen different patterns at present, with more coming in the future. Sister company Trustworth Studios sells the same designs on wallpaper, at surprisingly good prices.

Oakholm: $2,799,000

Reader Richard Muller - who notes that the pictures on the site show a Blacker House lamp reproduction, similar to one he built not too long ago - sends the following realtor's listing for Charles Sumner Greene's Arroyo Terrace home, and Thomas Houser suggests taking a look at the property using Google maps/satellite.

Oakholm, the original residence & living art of Charles Sumner Greene was built on Arroyo Terrace in the Park Place Tract, an area now considered to be the single greatest concentration of the Greene Bros work. Built in 1902 as a 2 bd/1 ba structure, the home was then expanded over a period of years to accomodate Greene's growing family. Comprised of 7 bedrooms (including the original studio), 4 ba, formal dining room, 4 fplcs, butler's pantry, and fabulous architecturally -complimenting catering-style kitchen, the home was extensively restored by Randell Mackinson in the late 1990's, including the construction of the vine-covered pergola, designed but never built by Charles Greene. Considered as Charles Greene's experimental laboratory, the home incorporated interior colors and textures eventually used in other Greene & Greene designs. Views of the Arroyo, San Rafael Hills, and the San Gabriel's (sic) are still enjoyed from many rooms throughout the house & property.

Wayne Cain Architectural Art Glass

2Wayne Cain lives and works in Bremo Bluff, Virginia, and has spent the last 30 years exploring the use of glass in (and as) architecture. He uses a wide variety of techniques (beveling, staining, carving, silvering, fusing, painting and lampworking) to produce glass for all sorts of clients. His historical design gallery showcases beveled & stained transoms, landing windows, domes and entryways, and his contemporary work - showcasing various thicknesses, textures and shapes of glass - shows off his virtuosity. He's also produced a number of religious windows, and is comfortable working on public windows, designed and produced on time and in accordance with building codes.

Arts & Crafts Interior Paint

Covertheearth_1The relentless style specialization continues: Sherwin-Williams, whose "cover the earth" logo I have always loved (although my familiarity with their product[s] ends there) is now selling a special line of paint marketed toward owners of Arts & Crafts homes. With names like "Hubbard Squash" and "Roycroft Adobe," they are obviously leaning a bit more toward Aurora than Usonia, but the palettes featured on the site are certainly authentically conservative. "Dard Hunter Green," "Ruskin Room Green," and "Bunglehouse Blue" are a few of the other colors available. A PDF brochure shows them all. Oh, overblown marketingspeech ...

You yearn for a pure aesthetic. Straight, uncomplicated lines. Hand craftsmanship. The color and texture of natural materials.

The Arts & Crafts Preservation Palette┬« offers all the simple style of the Arts and Crafts movement, re-created in exacting detail. So whether you're a stickler for authenticity or just appreciate the beauty of this unfettered d├ęcor, you can achieve true craftsman style.