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My latest internet obsession is the magnificent timewaster called Flickr, a sort of democratic and open photo organizing/sharing application. There are social aspects of the system I've hardly explored, such as discussion groupson any of hundreds (or thousands?) of topics. One great feature is the ability to label your own photos with tags. I myself haven't yet used tags, although I have uploaded a number of my own photographs (I use it primarily to share photos with my family and friends so they won't be all that interesting to you, reader x). Luckily, a lot of people do use tags, and a quick search of the craftsman tag gives us photos of kitchen remodels (here are more), beautiful houses, restoration projects (lots and lots more. Searching for other tags gives us even more, like this little Craftsman gem in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood and these compact Craftsman; some blurry furniture; architectural detail;  Missions in Carmel and Houston; A & C frescoes; a very pretty Prairie vase; ad infinitum.

And as of today, Hewn & Hammered has its own Flickr group, a collaborative supplement to our photo albums here, and any Flickr member (basic accounts are free!) can contribute photographs!