Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

Frank Lloyd Wright on the Auction Block


I guess it's Frank Lloyd Wright week here at Hewn & Hammered. It seems it's getting more and more difficult to sell the iconographic works of one of America's most creative modern architects:

After several months on the market, a 1915 Frank Lloyd Wright house on Chicago's North Side is going on the auction block, with bids starting at $750,000 — less than a third of the original $2.5 million asking price.

Bids for the Emil Bach house on Chicago's North Side will probably end far below that $2.5 million figure. Ronald Scherubel, executive director of the Wright Building Conservancy, notes that this is partly because the structures themselves are so original and were constructed, for the most part, with a single client in mind; prospective buyers of historic Wright properties are scared off by the fact that they wouldn't be able to make the slightest structural change - or even paint such a house - without government approval. photo: Associated Press