Jim Becker, cabinetmaker
BYO Gamble House (or Taliesin)

Mickey Abbey Custom Glassworks

Mickeyabbeyglass1I ran into this fellow while exploring a local flea market here in Sacramento. He had a few windows on display from the back of his truck, and has been building custom glass and restoring older work  - mostly historical designs for restoration projects - for over 20 years. He does a lot of Victorian beveled glass as well as traditional Craftsman patterns (Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Prairie grids, Charles Rennie Mackintosh rosettes, etc.); I am going to hire him to replace a pane in our stained-glass built-in doors, broken by a burglar when our house was broken into back in September. Mickey Abbey Custom Glassworks, 1166 34th Ave., Sacramento CA 95822: 916.955.7026.