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May on Greene

CharlessumnergreeneThe indefatiguable Tim May has compiled a very complete list of Greene and Greene-built structures - not just existing buildings, but those that have been demolished as well. from the site:

The Greene Brothers, well known architects of the Arts and Crafts era, are famous for the "Ultimate Bungalows" which are finely crafted homes built around the turn of the century. Perhaps, the most famous of "ultimate bugalows" is the Gamble House in Pasadena. The majority of their homes are in Pasadena and the surrounding towns. There are others in Ojai, Santa Barbara, the San Francisco Bay Area and one in Sacramento.The primary feature of this site is the list of structures pages. If you have information to add to this list please notify me. I am a great fan of the Greenes and wanted to establish this web presence as a resource for others interested in their work and style.