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Mickey Abbey Custom Glassworks

Mickeyabbeyglass1I ran into this fellow while exploring a local flea market here in Sacramento. He had a few windows on display from the back of his truck, and has been building custom glass and restoring older work  - mostly historical designs for restoration projects - for over 20 years. He does a lot of Victorian beveled glass as well as traditional Craftsman patterns (Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Prairie grids, Charles Rennie Mackintosh rosettes, etc.); I am going to hire him to replace a pane in our stained-glass built-in doors, broken by a burglar when our house was broken into back in September. Mickey Abbey Custom Glassworks, 1166 34th Ave., Sacramento CA 95822: 916.955.7026.

Jim Becker, cabinetmaker

MissionarmoireJim Becker is just one of the many gifted cabinetmakers in the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers. Since first being introduced to the trade at a boatyard in Friendship, Maine in 1979, Becker has gone on to develop his craft by designing and building furniture that combines elements of traditional Shaker cabinetry with those of Mission and Craftsman styles. His Ming Shaker line integrates the simple plainness of Shaker design with the detail and angularity of contemporary modern woodwork. My favorite piece, though, is his Mission armoire, which can look monumental from one angle and subtly austere from another.

May on Greene

CharlessumnergreeneThe indefatiguable Tim May has compiled a very complete list of Greene and Greene-built structures - not just existing buildings, but those that have been demolished as well. from the site:

The Greene Brothers, well known architects of the Arts and Crafts era, are famous for the "Ultimate Bungalows" which are finely crafted homes built around the turn of the century. Perhaps, the most famous of "ultimate bugalows" is the Gamble House in Pasadena. The majority of their homes are in Pasadena and the surrounding towns. There are others in Ojai, Santa Barbara, the San Francisco Bay Area and one in Sacramento.The primary feature of this site is the list of structures pages. If you have information to add to this list please notify me. I am a great fan of the Greenes and wanted to establish this web presence as a resource for others interested in their work and style.

Campbell Home in Costa Mesa

104_f1aCoast Magazine has a nice profile of Tim and Carol Campbell's home in Costa Mesa, including plenty of photographs. Their Stickley and Roycroft furniture fits perfectly into the house designed around it and their large collection of Native American art and artifacts. The house is large, though, and way out of scale to the rest of the neighborhood, but it looks like it's been there longer than anything else around it - beautiful by itself but maybe a bit out of place where it is?

Los Rios Historic District

SjcmonplqOrange County contains some of the best-maintained and -restored examples of Mission Revival architecture in the United States. The best example of this style is San Juan Capistrano's Los Rios Historic District, which also happens to be the oldest continually-occupied residential neighborhood in the state - and one of the oldest in the country. Montanez Adobe (which some folks say is haunted), built in 1794, is open for tours, and the area's other historic adobes are lived in to this day - the 10th generation of the Rios family lives in one of them. The O'Neill Museum is also worth a visit when you are in the area. A number of small shops, galleries and restaurants fill the 18th and 19th century wooden homes of Los Rios; take a walking tour of the area and explore at your own pace. Showcases Fulper VaseKraft Lamps is a new website dedicated to furthering the appreciation of Fulper art pottery. Although is still in development, the site's Vasekraft lamp gallery is already worth a visit. Fulper Pottery produced their line of distinctive VaseKraft pottery and leaded glass lamps from around 1911 to 1916, and these stunning lamps represent a unique contribution to the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Most Fulper collectors consider the VaseKraft lamps to be Fulper's best work, combining the whole range of Fulper glazes with dramatic architectural lamp forms highlighted by colorful geometric art glass inlays.

The site is being developed by David Kornacki of along with his brother Jon Kornacki, a long-time Fulper pottery collector. They have gathered together photographs of virtually every Fulper lamp to cross the auction block in the past 20 years along with several rarely seen lamps from museum collections. Their Fulper lamps gallery also includes period advertisements, catalog pages and photographs to provide visitors with a thorough appreciation of these rare examples of Arts and Crafts period lighting. The Kornackis intend to expand the site over time to encompass all of Fulper's pottery production, so check back periodically to watch their progress.

San Diego Craftsman Wknd, Mar 11-13 2005

Sohologogreen_2San Diego's SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization) is holding their annual Craftsman & Spanish Revival Weekend - focusing this year on the island of Coronado - this coming March 11-13. The three-day event will include historic home tours, lectures and workshops at a variety of venues. A show and sale will feature antiques and contemporary work in wood, metal and ceramic.

Don't miss a walking tour of Richard Requa homes on Coronado island; a bus tour of more than 30 examples of San Diego's most architecturally significant bungalow courts and a number of exciting workshops, including a keynote by Eric Lloyd Wright who will talk about Frank and John Lloyd Wright's influences in the San Diego area. For more information, contact Alana Coons via email or at 619.297.9327.

Chicago Bungalow Rehabs


from the site:

In the spring of 2002, bungalow homeowners and professionals gathered to exchange ideas to create adaptable and energy efficient Chicago bungalows. Concepts and preferences exchanged in this charette became a reality in the four model bungalows.

The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association and City of Chicago, the Chicago Chapter of the AIA and various local agencies arranged to purchase and rehab four vacant bungalows ... Each model home was rehabilitated to conform to the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative Design Guidelines and to incorporate a wealth of energy efficient, environmentally friendly products and design ideas. You now have the opportunity to tour each bungalow and see, in detail, the innovative design solutions.

Los Angeles Pottery Show V: Jan 29 & 30, 2005


This, the fifth annual iteration of what is (I believe) the largest such show in the country, will be held at The Pasadena Center on January 29 and 30. Close to 100 dealers will have plenty to show and sell, and there's always plenty of important California tile and other ceramic goods from this and the previous two centuries, specifically lots of Arts & Crafts ceramics. Authors (Jack Chipman, the "Bauer bible"; Norman Carlson, American Art Tile; Carole Coates, Catalina Island Pottery and Tile, and plenty more) will be available for signings, and various private collections will be shown. Call 760.342.9160 or email for advance tickets.

Candace Wheeler Textiles


One of the most celebrated names in late 19th century and early 20th century Decorative Arts, Candace Wheeler designed textiles that can still inspire and delight.

Wheeler was one of the first designers to use American flowers (versus their European counterparts) as her inspiration.  She studied Japanese stenciled kimono fabrics for ideas.  The patterns she created are delicate and whimsical.  Her textiles are masterpieces of the American Decorative Arts.

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Pete Maloney in Norcross GA points us to his site, which in addition to links to the dealers' various auctions also includes a collaborative antique shop that brings together selected items from a number of different dealers. Selections from Stuart Solomon's wonderful shop in Northhampton MA are featured, as are pottery and metalwork items from Jack Pap; Barbara Gerr, a dealer in Roseville pottery out of Absecon NJ is also part of the group, as are Pearce Fox / Fox Mission in Philadelphia and webmaster Pete Maloney himself, who specializes in all sorts of Arts & Crafts ceramics.

Boettcher Mansion


William and Arthur Fisher's 1917 Boettcher Mansion is - after the wildlife, of course - a centerpiece of the Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve in Golden, Colorado. Jefferson County is quite proud of the site, and has kept it up well; a selection photographs are available online. Boettcher Mansion is open to visitors and available for special event rental. As a 1920 Jefferson County publication noted:

The one important house that seems most perfectly to harmonize with the Colorado mountains is the residence of Charles Boettcher on Lookout Mountain, designed by Fisher and Fisher. In the Arts & Crafts style, it surmounts the hill of which it seems a crowning member. In fact, it is next to impossible to ascertain at certain points of the structure, where the natural formation ends and the architecture begins. The Mansion is almost a part of the earth and rock.