Gallenberg Lamps
Los Rios Historic District Showcases Fulper VaseKraft Lamps is a new website dedicated to furthering the appreciation of Fulper art pottery. Although is still in development, the site's Vasekraft lamp gallery is already worth a visit. Fulper Pottery produced their line of distinctive VaseKraft pottery and leaded glass lamps from around 1911 to 1916, and these stunning lamps represent a unique contribution to the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Most Fulper collectors consider the VaseKraft lamps to be Fulper's best work, combining the whole range of Fulper glazes with dramatic architectural lamp forms highlighted by colorful geometric art glass inlays.

The site is being developed by David Kornacki of along with his brother Jon Kornacki, a long-time Fulper pottery collector. They have gathered together photographs of virtually every Fulper lamp to cross the auction block in the past 20 years along with several rarely seen lamps from museum collections. Their Fulper lamps gallery also includes period advertisements, catalog pages and photographs to provide visitors with a thorough appreciation of these rare examples of Arts and Crafts period lighting. The Kornackis intend to expand the site over time to encompass all of Fulper's pottery production, so check back periodically to watch their progress.