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Boettcher Mansion


William and Arthur Fisher's 1917 Boettcher Mansion is - after the wildlife, of course - a centerpiece of the Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve in Golden, Colorado. Jefferson County is quite proud of the site, and has kept it up well; a selection photographs are available online. Boettcher Mansion is open to visitors and available for special event rental. As a 1920 Jefferson County publication noted:

The one important house that seems most perfectly to harmonize with the Colorado mountains is the residence of Charles Boettcher on Lookout Mountain, designed by Fisher and Fisher. In the Arts & Crafts style, it surmounts the hill of which it seems a crowning member. In fact, it is next to impossible to ascertain at certain points of the structure, where the natural formation ends and the architecture begins. The Mansion is almost a part of the earth and rock.