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Studio 233: Handbuilt Ceramic Lamps


Clay artist Jim Webb of Studio 233 began studying ceramics with Toshiko Takaezu while an undergraduate at Princeton University.  After graduating with a degree in art history he traveled extensively, primarily in the Middle East.  While in Afghanistan for a year Jim worked for noted archaeologist Louis Dupree.  It was during this time that he developed a keen interest in Islamic art and architecture.

The influences of that period in Jim's life are very much evident in his handbuilt ceramic lamps.  They have an almost mystical quality - a strong, serene and transcendental presence.  The monolithic looking bases - with rounded tops, incised runes and rich glazes showing varying evidence of hand pouring - speak a variety of languages, suggesting the Arts and Crafts Movement to some people, Asian or Islamic Influences to others. 

Each piece is made to order and is embellished with two of the many incised abstract patterns Jim has designed.  The bases are offered in five different glazes - 'russet', 'moss', 'onyx', 'jade' and 'celadon'.  The shades are made of a variety of materials including three different colors of mica ('amber', 'silver' and green),  handmade paper ('natural', 'coffee' and 'Havana') as well as Egyptian papyrus.  The completed lamps come in two heights - 22 and 26 inches. Each lamp base is signed, dated and numbered by the artist. 

For more information see the Studio 233 website or call 609.397.0818.