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The Old is New for Handcrafted Tile

JeannietileCompeting with the past can be difficult ... especially when your competition includes Batchelder and Mackintosh. Yet, a few tile studios are doing their best to keep Arts & Crafts tile alive in the 21st Century.

Tile Restoration Center is a family-owned tile studio in Seattle, Washington which is dedicated to producing historical replicas of important arts & crafts designs in tile. Handcraft Tile in Milpitas, California works within a modest looking building and yet delivers the most beautiful tile designs from within their humble studio ... all made by hand.

If you are wondering about the origins of the tile already in your house, a visit to Tile Heritage Foundation, an organization which specializes in historical tiles, may help to put your mind at rest. If not, the original tile catalogs for sale through their site are worthy of a peek anyway. (Please don't drool on the keyboard. Thanks.)

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