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Westwood2clinkerGreg Clinton, Board President of San Francisco's Westwood Park Association, tells us about one of the earliest and most interesting & architecturally important planned residential neighborhoods in the city - an area many outsiders know only for Louis Mullgardt's entry gates.

Development of Westwood Park began in 1917 by Baldwell and Howell under the architectural supervision of Ida McCain. Westwood Park was the first planned subdivision in San Francisco, consisting of 686 single-family homes mostly in the California bungalow style.  Each house has its own unique detailing. Some bungalows have an Arts & Crafts influence, while others have elements of Spanish Mission or English Tudor.  Several public green areas are dispersed throughout the neighborhood, which provide a feeling of spaciousness and nature, rare in a dense and crowded city like San Francisco. Historic gates and pillars that mark the main entrances to the Park were restored by the Westwood Park Association in 2004.  On the inside, most of our homes have open floor plans, lots of windows and natural light, extensive gumwood trim, custom built-ins, and numerous architectural detailings.

Visit our Westwood Park photo album to see some of the remarkable and varied Craftsman, Deco and Mission homes of this neighborhood!

Westwood4_2During the late 1980s there was an increase in inappropriate remodeling that threatened to change Westwood Park's unique neighborhood character. In response, the Westwood Park Association conducted a building height study in 1991. This led to the creation of the Westwood Park Association Residential Design Guidelines in 1992 that defined the Park's unique neighborhood character. Homeowners are required to adhere to these guidelines-as well as to the Association's CC&Rs-when making renovations and additions to their properties. These two documents have been absolutely essential in preserving our neighborhood's residential character. The Association works closely with the city's Planning Department to ensure that these guidelines are enforced. 

In 1995 San Francisco designated Westwood Park as an officially legislated Residential Character District, intended to preserve the unique quality of our neighborhood's architecture and heritage. Westwood Park is the only neighborhood in the city to have this designation. 

More information about Westwood Park can be found on our website, which also includes links to our CC&Rs and Residential Guidelines, fascinating historic ads for Westwood Park from 1918, and other interesting and useful information.

Visit our Westwood Park photo album to see some of the remarkable and varied Craftsman, Deco and Mission homes of this neighborhood!