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Found in a Wall

ShoeA recent thread at a private online forum that I sometimes visit asked homeowners & renovators to list interesting or weird items they had found during remodeling & demolition projects. The more interesting responses included:

dozens of old empty liquor bottles (in a Pastor's house, connected to a church); an intact 20-year-old tin of Vienna sausages; dozens of antique beercans, which were then sold for $20 - $50 each on Ebay; empty demerol bottles inside the ceiling of a dentist's office; a coffee can full of jewelry, including over 100 gold rings, earrings, fillings - which was sold for scrap for $4000; a human skeleton; a 9-year-old can of shrimp, which the finder presumably refrained from consuming; and my own entry, a woman's undergarment that was somewhere between 60 and 80 years old.

What kind of neat stuff have you all discovered?