book review: Built-In Furniture
Timothy Clark

Pasadena's Craftsman Weekend

From October 15 through 17th, Pasadena will host its annual Craftsman Weekend at the Masonic Temple on 200 South Euclid Ave. in Pasadena. This particular show is really immense, even larger than San Francisco's event of a month ago. More than 80 exhibitors are set to show.

The opening reception will be held at the Pasadena Museum of Art on Friday evening, and events include a private tour of the Hindry House, built by the Heinseman brothers in 1909, and a dinner at the Blinn House; an in-depth drive-yourself tour of a number of homes in Pasadena's Orange Heights neighborhood and the usual sale and auction. Lectures will range from Jean France speaking on designer Harvey Ellis, Robert Winter speaking on the Arts & Crafts revival of the late '60s, Edward Bosley, director of the Gamble House, talking about the recently-concluded seven-year restoration of that great home, and John Griswold giving an insightful lecture on conservation of historic homes.