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book review: Built-In Furniture

book-iconI saw this book over on House in Progress and had to have it - it was published by Taunton in 1997 but I hadn't seen it at Builder's Booksource and had no idea it existed. Tolpin's excellent idea book on built-ins of all types covers period and modern creations, and addresses both the planning and building of new built-ins in existing and new spaces, and the restoration of older woodwork.

As our friends at HiP noted in Tolpin's text,

The Bungalow Philosophy emphasized creating a space that was easier to clean and keep organized. Built-in furniture played a large part in accomplishing these goals.

It's an excellent reference & the wonderful illustrations should be helpful to anyone wanting to insert this kind of detail into a new project, or to restore older built-ins to their original glory. I'm hoping to use Tolpin's advice in the planning of my new kitchen, the execution of which will be detailed here on Hewn & Hammered.