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Remodeling / Restoration weblogs

There are lots of people doing serious structural remodeling and restoration projects out there, and lucky for us some of them are blogging their projects. I've tried to collect as many of these journals as I could here in one place, but I'm sure there are plenty I've missed; please comment on this post, below, to add what I've missed.

A hopefully collaboratively-canonical list of home restoration & remodeling weblogs and journals - please add your own site / discoveries in the comments, below, to make this as complete as possible.

IrvingBlog details one couple's war with his 1909 home - or rather, with 50 years of previous irresponsible owners (thanks for the correction!).

House In Progress is, of course, the be-all, end-all of the daunting house-project weblog, and Jeannie and Aaron are my heroes.

The Little White Bungalow - I assume you can gather what they live in.

Chateu Ste. Mold: Adventures in Remodeling details two girls' attempt to remodel an 1895 bungalow and eliminate some nasty toxic black mold, and is always an entertaining read.

Brickman House Renovation Journal is a regular journal of one family's extended renovation of their enormous 1840 home in Delaware.

Enon Hall, originally built in 1762, has been undergoing serious & well-documented renovation since 1999.

Houseblog is a new department of Jarrett House North, whose owners are working quite hard on their Cape Cod in Kirkland, Washington.

Mark van Roojen's Old House Page concerns itself with, of all things, Mark van Roojen's old house, a 1914 foursquare located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You may have read about Heather Ferguson and David Chiu's 1912 bungalow restoration earlier on HH. They're still working on it.

The ongoing and very much needed restoration of a home in Church Hill, Richmond, Virginia is being chronicled at This Decrepit Victorian House.

Phouka gives a lot of good general information on renovating old houses.

This journal details the ongoing restoration of an 1830s farmhouse in Sebago, Maine.

My Old House is a "a photo diary of DIY obsession" about an attempt (current succeeding pretty well!) to undo decades of crappy "improvements" and layers of cheap latex paint.

This Old House, which I usually avoid because it's, well, just not personal enough and too full of ads, does have some good renovation / restoration diaries, including this one.