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More open houses

openhouseIn response to this earlier post, John Morse has done a small bit of research and put together a short list of Arts & Crafts homes that are open for public viewing:

Albert Kahn's 1908 Cranbrook House, on the campus of what is arguably one of the best art schools in North America, just outside of detroit; William Morris' home and now a museum to all things Arts & Crafts, the Red House of Bexleyheath, which recently became a National Trust property; Glensheen, an amazingly ornate mixture of late Victorian and A&C rooms and furnishings, now administered by the University of Minnesota at Duluth; the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois and Wright's Robie House in Chicago; another Wright property, the Pope-Leighey house of 1940, in Alexandria, Virginia; and Craftsman Farms in Parsippany, New Jersey, the historic home and workshop of Gustav Stickley, which is now owned by the township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.

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