Seattle Bungalow & Craftsman Home Show

Welcome to Hewn & Hammered

While we won't actually add much in the way of content or have any kind of official unveiling until August, I wanted to write a short introduction, specifically for the various authors who have been invited to contribute and for the few folks we're trying to get a bit of free advertising from.

Articles posted on the site will address any in a very wide range of A & C-related topics: individual architects and designers; personal renovation or restoration projects; hobbyists, craftspeople and furniture manufacturers, historical or contemporary, and their work; painters, sculptors, textile and metal artists, graphic artists and bookmakers; and general articles or short notes on the history and philosophy of these movements.

Just as my other weblogs [Typographica and Moco San Francisco] focus on a particularly narrow topic, so too will this site: all manner of art and craft as they relate to the Mission, Craftsman and Prairie movements and, to some extent, other related styles.

Everyone else: please email me if you'd like to be set up with a posting account, or if you'd be interested in designing a masthead for the site - I'd like to set up a rotation with a dozen or so thematic mastheads, 770 pixels wide x 100-200 pixels tall. To see this kind of setup in action, I again suggest taking a look at Typographica.